Xenoblade 3 JP Website Tidbits

These names are all just the Japanese names, might be a little different in localization.

EDIT: They just released all the info in English. Never mind. 


  • Story is about war between two nations in Aionion, Keves and Agnus
  • Keves specializes in machinery that requires someone to mount it
  • Agnus specializes in ether, uses small automatons that fight on their own
  • The colonies that preside all over Aionion are called “Iron Titans”


  • Noah is the first protagonist, from Keva, and is a “Sender (like a mortician)”
  • Goal is to destroy Agnus

  • Lants(?), a big guy who is a friend of Noah, from Keves

  • Uni, from Keves, healer and childhood friends with Noah and Lants

  • Mio, other protagonist, from Agnus, a “Sender”
  • Trusted by her comrades

  • Taion, from Agnus, friend of Mio
  • Smart and observant

  • Sena, from Agnus, friend of Mio

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