Regarding the Zelda Monolith Soft Recruitment

I debated whether or not to write this article because it’s not Xeno-related and it’s mostly speculation, but why not.

The recruitment page for the fantasy action project seems to have shifted into the Zelda project. I’ll try to outline my reasoning below.


If you look at the Wayback machine crawling of the fantasy action project recruitment page (and could read Japanese,) you’ll note that it says “New project begins!” at the very top. This is now gone in the current iteration of the fantasy action project page and says “Looking for developers experienced with action games!” instead. Furthermore, the job openings listed under the fantasy action project and the Zelda project are the exact same:


One part of it as an example. It’s all exactly the same.


I think you can guess two things from this. Either that the job openings for the Zelda project and fantasy action project are a “template” Monolith Soft uses when starting a new team, or that the fantasy action project shifted into a Zelda project at some point. Remember as I said above, that the “New project begins!” is now replaced with “Looking for developers experienced with action games!” Perhaps the fantasy action project never kicked off, and Nintendo proposed that they lend the Zelda IP to Monolith Soft to make a Zelda game? That’s my guess. Some people think it was Zelda from the start and they just wanted to hide it.


3 thoughts on “Regarding the Zelda Monolith Soft Recruitment

  1. Never considered that they could simply be retrofitting their previous job opening page from the fantasy ARPG for this.

    Why mess with the layout? Just reuse what you had and alter the text/images like a template as you said.

    From what I gather, a lot of us may be reading too much into the similarities between the two job opening pages and abruptly concluding that the fantasy ARPG morphed into a Zelda game.

    Nintendo EPD is also hiring for the same Zelda project. This leads me to believe that Monolith is taking on another “support” role for the next Zelda like they did with BotW.

    Perhaps they will have an even larger role this time co-developing it with Nintendo.

    Most of their Xenoblade 2 staff was pulled during development for BotW leading to a decent chunk of Xenoblade 2 getting outsourced.

    Maybe Monolith wants to keep their current team thats working on the fantasy ARPG intact while expanding upon their second team to work on Zelda.


    • I’ve seen the Nintendo hirings, but I’m not sure the underlying assumption that this is for the same project is true. The Nintendo hires are pretty ordinary dev jobs.


  2. Pretty sure the concept art recuitment was also for the next Zelda, there are hylian crests hidden within the concept art …


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